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Tonic Wine

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

A tonic wine is another way to take herbal preparations that you may not hear about very often. Just like you would with a tincture, wines are infused with your herb of choice. It can also be boiled, or fermented over time.

It's made by filling a vat, a large barrel or container, or glass jar with your preferred herb (tonic wines are best made using roots), then fill the jar with a red wine and leave to steep for at least two weeks. Once ready, it can be taken like casual glass of wine (about 3oz). As you use it, be sure to top the herbs with more wine to prevent the herb from going bad. It will extract the herbs properties for a few more months before you need to use fresh herbs again. If you prefer, you can strain the herbs leaving just the wine.

This method is used a lot in Chinese practices, and has been for centuries. The first record of tonic wines being used was around 200 BC. If you love wine, this is a great alternative to tinctures made with spirits.

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