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Magnolia Bark | Magnolia Officinalis

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

There are more than 200 types of magnolia trees in the world. Magnolia Officinalis, also known as houpo, is native to China and has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries to nurture depression, ease menopause symptoms, lower blood pressure and boost brain health.

Brain Health - Methylhonokiol is s compound found in magnolia bark that that can help promote memory health and decrease cognitive aging. Depression and Anxiety - Magnolol and Honokiol are compounds found in magnolia bark that have been known to have anti-depressant effects. Oral/Dental - Magnolia bark can be used as a mouth wash, toothpaste or even chewing gum to get rid of bad breath by killing bacteria, and can help reduce painful or inflamed gums. It's antimicrobial properties can also slow down the build up of plaque, slows down decay preventing cavities from worsening and killing bacteria that causes cavities, and have overall improvements on dental health.

Sleep - Honokiol is a compound in magnolia bark that helps with insomnia by promoting non-rapid eye movement. It connects to the cannabinoid receptors and tells the body to slow down. Magnolia bark also helps reduce adrenaline which in turn, helps the mind and body to relax. Other uses for magnolia bark include digestion, headaches, stoke, and obesity/weight loss (by lowering cortisol levels and decreasing insulin resistance). Warning: If pregnant, magnolia bark and flower buds may stimulate the uterus and causes contractions. Limited information is known about magnolia bark and breastfeeding, so to be safe, avoid use. Magnolia can also slow down your nervous system. Refrain from taking magnolia bark before having any major surgeries as it can interact with anesthesia by slowing blood clotting. Since magnolia bark is also used as a sleep aid, it's best to avoid it when drinking alcohol or while taking any sleep inducing medications.

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