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Kraft Pouch: The kraft pouch is designed for convenience and portability. It is a lightweight packaging option made from kraft paper. The pouch is sealed to maintain the freshness and quality of Deep Slumber and allows you to make 14 cups.


Tin Container: The tin container is intended for those who require a larger supply. The tin container is made of durable metal, providing enhanced protection against external factors such as light, moisture, and air. This ensures the longevity and potency of the product. The larger size of the tin container allows for a higher quantity, and makes 21 cups compared 14 cups.

Deep Slumber

SKU: 066
  • Deep Slumber, a soothing, bitter tisane meticulously crafted to transport you into a realm of deep and restful sleep. Harnessing the power of ancient botanicals to create a tranquil and harmonious experience that will help you achieve the rejuvenating sleep you deserve.


    Indulge in Deep Slumber as a nightly ritual, steeping it gently before bed. Let the aromatic blend transport you to a state of tranquility, as you embrace the soothing embrace of the herbs. Drift off into a serene sleep, knowing that Deep Slumber has been carefully crafted to provide you with a night of rejuvenation and restoration.


    Unwind your mind, relax your body, and embrace the profound healing power of Deep Slumber Herbal Blend. Awaken feeling refreshed and revitalized, ready to embrace each new day with clarity and vigor. Rediscover the art of deep, restful slumber and experience a sleep like no other.


    Makes 16-18 cups of tea

    • At the heart of this exquisite blend lies the mystical Egyptian Blue Lotus, revered for centuries for its ability to promote relaxation and tranquility. Known to induce a sense of serenity, this rare flower gently eases the mind, allowing you to drift into a state of deep slumber.

    • Lemon Balm, a fragrant herb renowned for its calming properties, harmoniously complements the Blue Lotus. It works synergistically to soothe the nervous system, reduce anxiety, and alleviate restlessness, setting the stage for a peaceful night's rest.

    • Infused with the bright and refreshing essence of lemon, this blend imparts a delightful citrus note. Lemon is known for its mood-lifting properties, promoting a positive state of mind as you prepare for sleep.

    • Nettles, with their earthy and herbaceous flavors, bring a grounding element to the blend. Rich in nutrients, they nourish the body, providing support for a healthy sleep cycle.

    • Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil, adds a touch of sacredness to this blend. Revered in Ayurveda for its adaptogenic properties, Tulsi helps the body adapt to stress, promoting relaxation and a restful sleep.


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