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Charcoal Disks

SKU: 005
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  • Charcoal Disks, the perfect companion for your incense and resin burning rituals. These professionally crafted disks are designed to ignite easily, provide a steady and even heat source, and effortlessly release the aromatic fragrances of your favorite incense and resins.


    Each charcoal disk is carefully made from a blend of natural ingredients, including charcoal, salt, and other binding agents. This special composition ensures a consistent and long-lasting burn, allowing you to fully enjoy the transformative power of your chosen scents. The disks are free from any harmful additives, making them a safe and reliable choice for your spiritual practices.


    Simply hold the disk with a pair of tongs or use a lighter to ignite the edge. As the flame spreads across the surface, a subtle glow emerges, indicating that the charcoal is ready for your incense or resin. The easy lighting process saves you time and effort, letting you focus on the profound experiences that await.


    Once ignited, the charcoal disk provides a stable and steady heat source, ensuring a slow and controlled burn. This allows the aromatic compounds within your incense or resin to release gradually, creating a captivating and immersive ambiance. As the fragrant smoke rises, it envelops your space, inviting a sense of tranquility, mindfulness, and connection.


    Safety is of utmost importance, and our charcoal disks are designed with that in mind. The disks feature a small indentation in the center, providing a stable resting place for your incense or resin. This minimizes the risk of accidental spills or shifting during use, ensuring a worry-free and secure burning experience.


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