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Anti-inflammatory Tincture | 1oz

SKU: 072
  • Anti-Inflammatory Tincture – a natural blend of potent botanicals meticulously crafted to support your wellness journey. Experience the soothing embrace of nature's finest healers with our Anti-Inflammatory Tincture. Prioritize your well-being with a natural approach to inflammation management, and embark on a journey to a more vibrant, balanced you. Discover the difference today and step into a life of comfort, vitality, and holistic harmony.


    This meticulously formulated blend is designed to:

    ✔ Ease Inflammation: The synergistic combination of turmeric, fennel, and nettles targets inflammation, helping to alleviate discomfort and support your body's natural response to stress.

    ✔ Promote Digestive Harmony: Fennel aids in digestion, reducing bloating and promoting a comfortable gut, leading to a more harmonious bodily state.

    ✔ Enhance Antioxidant Defense: Rooibos and cinnamon provide an abundance of antioxidants, safeguarding your cells from oxidative stress and supporting overall vitality.

  • Turmeric: Renowned for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, turmeric has been used for centuries to alleviate discomfort and support a healthy response to inflammation.


    Fennel: With its gentle yet effective anti-inflammatory qualities, fennel aids digestion and offers comfort to your body.


    Rooibos: Rich in antioxidants, rooibos contributes to the tincture's holistic approach to calming inflammation and maintaining equilibrium within.


    Cinnamon: Adding a touch of warmth, cinnamon not only enhances the flavor but also possesses anti-inflammatory properties that complement the blend.


    Nettles: Bursting with essential nutrients, nettles contribute to the tincture's overall wellness support, aiding in promoting balance from within.


    Other ingredients: Purified Water and Grain Alcohol.


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